Visit Calgary

Enjoy the conference and also all the Calgary has to offer as a great destination!

There are many travel options to make your way to Calgary. If you are arriving by air, keep in mind there is public transit available from the airport to the downtown core.

Connect with for tourist information in Calgary. Discover the main attractions, sports and special events:

Downtown Calgary

Downtown Calgary is welcoming, vibrant, and the preferred regional hub for business, culture, services and amenities. What’s in downtown?

After Hours Activities

You’re downtown and there’s a lot going on! Check out the nightlife scene.

Stretching your legs

Calgary has one of the most extensive pathway networks in North America. Downtown is a great starting point for a beautiful walk or run. Check out the Calgary Pathways and Bikeways Map for downtown river pathways.

Beyond Calgary

Our conference falls just before the Thanksgiving long weekend so it’s a great opportunity to extend your trip and take advantage of all that Alberta has to offer. Plan your trip!