About WCW 16

Western Canada Water
2016 Annual Conference and Exhibition
October 4-7, 2016
Calgary, AB

WCW 16 Calgary Aberta


Honouring the full circle” – the core of the work we do – is the theme for the 2016 conference.  As water professionals, we strive to preserve our resources for future generations, withdrawing water from the environment and returning it as clean or cleaner. The infrastructure supporting this work is increasingly under the pressure of continuous growth. We must optimize the lifespan of infrastructure while recognizing that “Full Circle” planning, from construction to the end of an asset’s life, includes preserving, limiting the use of, recycling and reusing materials and resources that go beyond water.

The annual conference is an opportunity to exchange ideas and share your experiences, challenges and successes with your water colleagues. Together, we can honour the full circle and ensure preservation of our resources for future generations.

Keynote Speaker

Bob Sanford, EPCOR Chair for Water and Climate Security